Here’s Our Boys All-State Tournament Teams

My All-State Tournament Teams and MVPs

No automatic picks because your team won. You get team trophies for that. These are individual awards. But these are not all-state picks, but rather all-state tournament picks.

First Team

PF-Jackson McAndrew, Wayzata, 6-9, Sr., 21 ppg (in the tournament)-10 reb-4 blks, AAAA MVP (Creighton)

SF- Isaac Johnson-Arigu, Totino-Grace, 6-7, Sr., 22 ppg-11 reb- 4 ast-2 stl-2 blk, AAA and overall MVP (Miami, FLA)

PG- Cash Chavis, Park Center, 6-3, Sr., 26 ppg-8 reb-8 ast-6 stl (Washington)

CG- Daniel Freitag, Breck, 6-2, Sr., 19 ppg-10 reb-6 ast-4 stl, AA MVP (Wisconsin)

CG- Isaac Asuma, Cherry, 6-3, Sr., 17 ppg-9 reb-7 ast-2 stl-3 blk, Class A MVP (Minnesota)

6th Man- Jordan Cain, Minnetonka, 6-2, Sr., G, 17 ppg-8 reb-2 ast-4 stl, just in case this team isn’t explosive enough.

Second Team

F- Brandon Hrncir, Farmington, 6-7, Sr., 16 ppg=7 reb-4 ast. Didn’t make their all-tournament team.

F- Grayson Grove, Alexandria, 6-9, Sr., 18 ppg-10 reb-3 ast-2 stls (Minnesota)

SF- Ray James, Jr., DeLaSalle, 6-4, Sr., 10 ppg-10 reb-5 ast-2 stl

PG- Andy Stefonowicz, Minnetonka, 6-2, Sr., 12 ppg-7 reb-6 ast

CG- Brogan Madsen, Mankato East, 6-1, Jr., 17 ppg-4 reb-3 ast-3 stl

6th Man- Nolan Groves, Osseo, 6-4, Jr., G, 20 ppg-6 reb-4 ast-2 stl. Didn’t make their all-tournament team.

Third Team

C- Chase Thompson, Alexandria, 6-8, Jr., 15 ppg-7 reb-4 ast. Didn’t make their all-tournament team.

PF- Kayden Wells, Minnetonka, 6-5, Sr., 13 ppg-6 reb-2 stls

F- Alex Schroepfer, Eagan, 6-4, Soph., 17 ppg-5 reb-4 ast

PG- Hunter Lorenson, Lake City, 6-0, Sr., 20 ppg-7 reb-3 ast-2 stl (Minnesota-Crookston)

SG- Zeke Austin, Albany, 6-3, Jr., 25 ppg-6 reb-3 ast

6th Man- Caiden Swenby, Fertile-Beltrami, 6-3, Sr., G, 19 ppg-10 reb-5 ast (Minnesota-Crookston)